Best Duvet Cover 2017 – Buyer’s Guide


Don’t you want a comfortable sleep at night?  The best duvet cover can give you a warm and comfortable night. It will always promote sound sleep after you return home from the office. In addition, it helps to give a good look to your beds and feel new and fresh.

The duvet covers are available in many designs, normal white color as well as artistic prints. Moreover, they are easy to remove for machine wash. As a result, it will always provide you fresh sheets to sleep. All you need to choose the right duvet cover for your bed. Then, you can expect a warm and comfortable night for sleep time.

Best Duvet Cover 2017

There are hundreds of duvet covers available in the market. You need to spend hours to hours to find the best duvet cover in 2017. Time is very expensive and choosing the right duvet cover is time-consuming. Therefore, we analyzed the duvet covers and reach to the top 10 duvet covers in the market.

You can read the 10 best Duvet Cover Reviews in our article to make a final decision. They are comfortable, warm feeling and easy to maintain. So, you will have no trouble to choose the best model!

Product name
Material TypeItem Weight 
Utopia Bedding

(Editor’s Choice)
Microfiber2.7 Check Price
Hotel Luxury 3pc
Egyptian Cotton3 Check Price
Nestl Bedding Duvet
Check Price
Vaulia Lightweight
Microfiber2.5 Check Price
Pinzon Paris
(Editor’s Choice)
100% Egyptian Cotton5 Check Price
Hotel Luxury Black trim
Microfiber3.5 Check Price
Elegance Linen
Cotton3 Check Price
Print Utopia Duvet
Microfiber3 Check Price
Beckham Hotel
Fabric2.9 Check Price
Sweet Home Collection
Cotton3 Check Price

Utopia Bedding 3 Piece Queen Duvet Cover Set with 2 Pillow Shams – Best Duvet to buy in 2017

Best Duvet Cover Utopia
If you want a comfortable and affordable complete set, it is the best choice for you. It comes with quality and durable fabric for a warm night. It offers a premium quality duvet cover with two pillow shams. The standard size pillow shams add a classic and decorative look to your bed.

The quality of the bed cover fabric is impressive. It uses microfiber fabric to provide you warm. Moreover, the fabric is soft and breathable. So, it will always give you a comfortable night. In addition, it is hypo allergenic and safe for any person. The wrinkle and fade resistant design will give you the durable service.

The stitch of the cover is strong and durable. Its high tensile strength will always give you durable performance. Moreover, the closure stitch is secure and do not reduce the comfort level.

The Utopia Bedding duvet cover is a bit thin than other covers. If you do not like thin covers, you may not like the cover. However, the thin cover does not comprise with its quality and comfort. It will always ensure good support and classic look.

The best part is its machine wash and dryer for drying capacity. You need low heat for drying the duvet cover. Moreover, you will get complete instruction to care and maintain the cover. So, you can use the instruction in order to get long lasting usage.


  • It is easy to wash and dry using machines
  • It is wrinkle resistant
  • It is soft and comfortable for sound sleep
  • It offers multiple colors for your color choice
  • The stitches are perfect for durable support
  • Breathable fabric for comfortable night
  • It offers two pillow shams for matching bedding accessories

  • It is a bit thin
  • It may fade after some washes

Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set – Best Seller

If you like Egyptian cotton, the luxury duvet cover is for you. It comes with a solid design with button closure. The cover is made of high quality double brushed microfiber grains. So, it becomes softer and more durable for your use. You will feel soft and comfort at night because of its quality fabric.

The style of the cover is impressive because of its luxury outlook. Moreover, you will get two same pillow cases and bed shirts. The bed shirts are sold separately. Therefore, you can select the matching bedding accessories for decorating your bedroom.

There is a bit negative side of the cover. You need to check it before use because some of the covers have a stain. So, you should check the cover and send the proof if any stain to get a replacement.

The performance of the duvet cover is long lasting because of its quality. Its 1500 thread count makes the fabric quality perfect. Moreover, its fade and wrinkle resistant technology make it perfect for all types of people. You can care the duvet cover easily. It is machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning. 


  • It is comfortable and soft
  • It offers eight colors for your selection
  • It is wrinkle-resistant
  • It is perfect for allergen patients
  • It offers high-quality Egyptian cotton

  • The material is a bit thin
  • The buttons can come out if you do not use it with care

Nestl Bedding Duvet

 If you want a large number of color choices for a duvet cover, it is the best choice. It comes in 37 colors so that you can choose the best color for your bedding.

        The duvet cover is made of high-quality microfiber linen fabric. The fabric makes the duvet cover makes it smooth and comfortable. As a result, you will always get a comfortable sheet cover for sleeping.

The duvet cover may not breathable like other duvet covers. However, it is soft, comfortable and smooth for warm night sleep. Moreover, regular care and maintenance can make the duvet cover more breathable.

The duvet cover is hypoallergenic set. So, you do not need to think of your health complications. It will always remain safe for your allergy and asthma. Moreover, it is 3 pieces set that offer twin two-piece and one matching sham.

You will also get 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. Otherwise, the manufacturer will give a full refund if you are not satisfied. So, you will get a secure satisfaction from the manufacturer.

  • Comfortable and perfect duvet cover set for your duvet
  • Easy to maintain and care
  • High-quality microfiber linen fabric for smooth and comfortable feeling
  • Available in 37 colors
  • It offers one pillow sham too
  • Sheets are not enough breathable that you want

Vaulia Lightweight Microfiber Duvet Cover Set


Do you want to use a different duvet cover for bedding? Then, it will become a smart choice for your duvet. It comes with a well-designed boho chic printed pattern design. So, you do not need the additional thing to decorate your bed. Two matching shams will always give your bed a smart and perfect look.

The duvet cover is made of 100% polyester microfiber. So, you can expect smooth, comfortable and soft feeling. The blend of material makes it comfortable and soft for sleeping. You will always feel great using the duvet cover.

The color may vary from the picture to actual duvet cover. However, the manufacturer also gives a note to the customers. Due to monitor screen resolution restriction, the color may look different monitor to monitor. However, the design will always remain same. If you have a good resolution monitor, you will get the actual picture color.

The hidden zipper closure is another attractive part of the duvet cover. So, the zipper will never make it unattractive. Moreover, the zipper makes it easy to remove and wash. It is easy to wash to maintain it. You do not need to wash the duvet because it is expensive. Instead, you can remove the duvet cover and wash it regularly for maintenance and fresh feeling.

Overall, the duvet cover is perfect for your home. If you want colorful duvet cover, it is the best choice. Moreover, you do not need to buy matching shams. The set includes matching shams for your bed!

  • A unique boho chic printed pattern design
  • Good quality material
  • Durable and lightweight duvet cover
  • Complete and matching duvet cover with two shams
  • A hidden zipper closure for making it easy to use

  • The color may vary from its picture

Pinzon Paris Printed Egyptian cotton Sateen Duvet Set


Pinzon Egyptian duvet set is a bit expensive but high quality set for your bed. It offers a high quality, 400 threads count duvet cover for your bed. The duvet cover meets textile high safety and environmental standards to make it perfect. Moreover, the special sateen weave design makes the duvet cover perfect for all weather. You will never feel uncomfortable in the warm or cool nights.

The Egyptian cotton is considered to be the highest quality for the duvet. Moreover, it offers two pillow shams for matching bed design. In addition, the internal duvet cover design helps to prevent duvet from shifting.

For some reason, it can lead wrinkles after machine washings. However, it happens in some cases due to not following the care instruction. The manufacturer provides the right care and washing instruction. If you do otherwise, it can lead wrinkles and damage the quality.

The cover offers zipper closure for easy removal for washing. Moreover, you will get two colors for the duvet cover. In short, it is an ideal and luxury duvet set for your bedding. 

  • High quality Egyptian cotton made duvet cover
  • It offers a cover with two pillow shams
  • It is easy to remove and care
  • It is machine washable for maintenance
  • 400 thread count Egyptian cotton makes it breathable
  • Its sateen weave design makes it perfect for all seasons
  • It is comfortable and safe for your health
  • It meets safety and environmental standards
  • It can lead to wrinkles after machine washing

Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set

Hotel Luxury duvet cover set is a unique set for getting hotel luxury feeling. The duvet cover set offers two matching pillow shams. Moreover, you will get good design white black trim design. So, it will give your bed a premium design too.

It uses luxurious microfiber yarns for soft and breathability. In fact, it is more breathable than Egyptian cotton. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable because of the duvet cover. In addition, it ensures wrinkle-free and fades resistant. So, you do not need to worry about its quality and durability.

However, it smells bad for some days. So, it is a bit negative side of the duvet set. You can open the packet and keep the duvet cover for some days away from the bed. It will disperse the smell and you can use it for the duvet to enjoy sleep.

The duvet cover is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Moreover, it offers gentle machine wash for easy cleaning and caring. You need to tumble dry low for drying the duvet cover.

Overall, it is a good quality duvet cover with luxury feeling. The top quality material and strong stitch will always ensure good support. So, you can trust on the quality for soft and comfortable sleep time.

  • Top quality micro fiber yarns for construction
  • A complete set of one duvet cover and two pillow shams
  • Easy to care and maintain
  • Wrinkle and fade resistant
  • Safe for allergen and asthma patients
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • It smells bad

Elegance Linen 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle Resistant

Another Egyptian cotton duvet cover for your bed. It comes with two pillowcases and a matching duvet cover. You will get numerous colors to choose the favorite color. As a result, you do not need to worry about its color and matching a theme.

The best part is its machine washable feature. You can clean the duvet color with a machine and dry it. So, you can save the time of washing the duvet. In addition, it does not need any ironing too!

Although you will get many color choices, you need to think a bit. The actual color is a bit darker than it shows in the picture. As many customers claim the color misbalanced, you should be aware too! However, it is because of lighting when capturing the pictures.

The duvet cover is easy to care and maintain. Moreover, it is soft to touch and sleep for a long time. You can easily fit the cover on your duvet. The size is perfect for the duvet. You need to choose the right size when choosing the duvet cover.

In addition, the duvet cover is wrinkle free and fade resistant. So, you do not need to worry about washing the cover. It will become lose its color and show wrinkles. You can use the duvet cover for a long time!
  • Comfortable duvet cover
  • 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton material for the duvet cover
  • Easy to care and clean for machine washable feature
  • No ironing is required
  • Soft and breathable
  • The actual color is a bit darker than its given picture

Printed Utopia Duvet-Cover-Set

      If you want an affordable and printed duvet cover, it is the best choice for you. It is one of the cheapest duvet covers in our recommendation. However, the manufacturer ensures the quality and material for your comfort. So, the low price does not mean it compromises the quality.

It comes with microfiber fabric for soft and comfortable feeling. Moreover, the fabric quality is good enough to provide a warm feeling. It is breathable to make it more comfortable at night. You need to iron the duvet sheet to use it.

The print of the duvet cover makes it beautiful looking. The pillowcases are also printed in the same pattern to make it match. In addition, you will also get some color choices for same design.

The zipper quality is not good enough. So, you may need to use the zipper a bit carefully. Otherwise, you can also replace it from any expert.

The duvet cover is wrinkle and fades resistant. The fabric combination is strong enough to hold the color and cotton. Therefore, it will never become fade and show wrinkle after washings.

The manufacturer also gives you complete care guideline. You can use hand or machine wash to clean the duvet cover. However, you need to use air dry for getting the best result. You can also use a dryer, but, you need to use low heat for drying.

Overall, it is a good quality duvet cover for its design. Printed duvet covers are rare in the market. But, the quality is impressive and it is perfect for a comfortable night.
  • Top quality material
  • It is durable and strong stitch
  • The duvet cover is easy to care
  • It is stain resistant
  • It is fade resistant
  • It comes with matching pillowcases
  • Low-quality zipper

Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Soft Brushed 1800 Series Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

Beckham Hotel Collection duvet cover set is one of the best for its quality and softness. It is made of luxury soft brushed microfiber to make it soft and comfortable. You will get one standard size pillow sham for matching.

The duvet cover is high quality for its 100% brushed microfiber. It is durable and comfortable for long time sleep. Its ultra-plush design will always ensure comfort. Moreover, it feels soft and smooth to your body. The special design makes it more durable and strong than cotton. So, you will have a good duvet cover for the bed.

The cover is soft but thin. Don’t you like a thin cover? Then, it is not good for you. However, the thin cover does not mean it is not strong. The thread count is enough to keep the cover strong and durable.

You do not give much effort to keep it fresh and clean. It is machine washable and hypoallergenic. So, you are also safe from any health complications. In short, it is a good and suitable duvet cover for your duvet.

Overall, you will get durable support and comfortable sleep time. The thin but soft duvet cover will give you luxury feeling at night.

  • uxury microfiber made duvet cover set
  • High quality material to make it durable
  • Soft and comfortable for all night
  • Strong stitch on the sides to make it perfect
  • Easy to care and maintenance
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Soft but thin cover
  • It offers only one pillowcase

6 Piece 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set

Our last but one of the best duvet cover sets in the market. It comes with 6 piece bed sheet set for your duvet and pillows. It offers two additional pillow cases than standard 4-piece duvet set. So, you will get bonus pillowcases than other duvet sets.

High-quality fine brushed microfiber polyester is used in order to construct the duvet cover and pillowcases. So, it makes the microfiber strong and high-dense. As a result, it will hold its material and keep it wrinkle free. Moreover, it will never lose its color.

Although it is durable and 1500 thread count duvet set, it is a bit thin. So, it may become a problem for you. However, it will always give enough warm and cool feeling depending on the weather.

The duvet cover is durable and breathable. Moreover, it is dust mites resistant. So, it is a hypoallergenic cover and safe for your health. You do not need to worry about your health condition.

Caring the duvet cover is easy for any person. It is machine washable duvet cover. Natural airflow is good for drying the cover. However, you can also use drying at low temperature for drying.

Overall, it is one of the best for money because of its additional pillowcases. If you want additional pillows for your kids or guest, you can go for the set. It will give you the best sleep night.
  • It offers additional two pillowcases than standard set
  • It is affordable and money worthy set
  • It fits perfectly to any size duvet
  • High quality brushed microfiber polyester
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • One of the thinnest duvet cover set


If you are a comfort lover, you will surely go for the premium quality duvet cover. You want your bed fresh, smell good and comfortable cover for a sheet. Therefore, you will choose the best duvet cover in the market.

We analyzed hundreds of cover to reach the final ten duvet cover in the market. Therefore, you can trust on our selection to make a good choice. You will get comfortable and warm sleep at night!




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