Best Futon Frames 2017 – Buyer’s Guide


Over the years futons have changed a lot. Numerous models of futon frames are available with elegant and stylish frames. You can easily choose a remarkable style of your own and you can have restful nights as well. In other words they are available in affordable prices for providing extra sleeping. When you buy a futon in a stylish way, you can also enjoy an extra sitting space.

They are perfect choice for small apartments where extra seating space is very beneficial during the day. Additionally, futon is a “round cattail” in a Japanese term. It is basically a piece of furniture that can be used as a bed. It is considered as a mean of utilizing limited amount of space.

Useful tips for buying futon:

There are multiple factors which you should take into consideration while buying a best futon frame. The first and foremost thing is to check the material of the futon frame. A metal frame is somehow lighter than a wooden frame. It is easily converted into bed and lounge chair.

On the other hand wooden frame has the advantage of being sturdy and powerful. Before making a decision for futon you should know that how will you use your futon frame and which size do you need.

Best futon frames 2017:

There is a lot of competition among different types of futons to qualify as the best type. Here is the list of best futon frames 2017

Product nameMaterial TypeItem Weight 
Full size Bi-fold futon Frame only
Wood50 pounds Check Price
DHP Aiden Futon Frame
Metal43.5 pounds Check Price
Westfield Wood Futon Frame
HardWood55 pounds Check Price
KD Lounger Futon
wood55 pounds Check Price
DHP Nadine Metal Futon Frame
Metal49 pounds Check Price

Full size Bi-fold futon Frame only – Best Futon Frame to buy in 2017

This outstanding product actually deserves to be on the top of the list. It comes with sofa bed frame only which is bi-fold. However, you will need to purchase cover and mattress as a separate item. The product has been designed in such a way that you can easily transform it into a sofa back. You can easily adjust the back angle into four different positions. When you want a bed, you can easily transform into a bed by lowering down the back. Thus you can easily convert it into bed within seconds.

Another good thing about it is that frame is made unfinished hardwood that is very smooth. The wood can be painted in an outstanding way but many customers enjoy the beauty of natural wood. It is considered as great living room furniture and the best quality item. Bi-fold sofa bed frame has wheels which ensure easy conversion to bed. It also includes smooth wood. This product also features 8% moisture content.

  • Available in affordable prices
  • Stains and paints easily
  • Five year warranty
  • 100% hardwood frame
  • Easily adjustable
  • No sharp corners
  • Includes thin mattresses
Conclusion: If you are looking for a futon frame which can be easily placed in a small apartment, you should go for that. This is a remarkable product which is multi positioned and comfortable as well.

DHP Aiden Futon Frame, Black

Metal Futon FrameYou can enhance your living area with the help of DHP Aiden futon frame. It has round arms with no sharp corners. Furthermore it comes in a best quality, metal mesh frame. And this high quality frame provides you a comfortable and stylish that totally works with all furnishing. You can complete the Aiden futon frame look with 8 inches futon mattress. It is designed in a unique and outstanding way that you can easily convert the sofa into a comfortable full sized bed. If you are using the Aiden futon frame as sofa or a bed, it is perfect in its functionality.

You can easily fit this futon frame in a small area as it has the right size to be the center piece in any room. The metal frame is firmly constructed and it provides a sturdy place to sit. You can simply open it up to make a full sized bed with an extra sleeping space. DHP Aiden futon frame comes in black or silver color, so that you can easily match your decor.

  • Durable metal frame construction
  • Quality frame provides you support and comfort
  • Retainer clips
  • Assembly required
  • Mattress not included

Conclusion: It is a perfect choice for your living area. Just add a mattress of your own choice and it will give you a stylish and luxurious look. Thus Aiden futon frame is considered as an amazing addition to any home.

Westfield wood futon frame

Hardwood Futon FrameWestfield wood futon frame includes gentle arched arms. These are smooth and designed in a perfect manner. The frame features three and a half inches wide arm rest. This arm rest provides a relaxing platform to rest your arms after a long exhausted day. When you converted the sofa in a bed position you can have a fabulous head rest. Westfield futon full sized frame provides you warmth and attractiveness with its casual sophistication due to its rich finishing. It also consists of natural wood grains and also has classic nature in character.

Additionally generous curved arms with wooden board provide the right amount of contrast to add style to your living room. This futon frame is converted into full size sofa bed without any effort. This strong frame features an anti-slip system to ensure safety.

  • Eco- friendly
  • Seat and back decks are finished
  • Five years warranty
  • Multi step finishing process
  • Available in full size
  • Easily converted into different positions
  • Assembly required
  • Mattress, covers are not included
Conclusion: High quality material is used in the construction of Westfield wood futon frame. Metal brackets are used for the support which adds durability and strength. Thus it is a best choice for your apartment.

Queen size tri fold futon

Hardwood Futon FramesThis amazing product comes with a hardwood frame that is pretty strong and also accompanied with an 8 inch queen size mattress. Furthermore it has a lounger, loveseat and a bed. Tri fold futon frame is designed in a unique way that allows an incredible three positions. It has eight lounge positions and four loveseats positions. You can easily set the back angle in any of the four positions. On the other hand foot rest has swing down legs. Foot rest section can also be folded under out when it is not in use.

Queen size tri fold futon frame is easily and quickly converted into high platform bed. All you need to fold the back down flat and just raise the foot rest. There is a hidden extension under the frame so that you can pull it out easily.

  • Ideal combination of functionality and durability
  • Tulip poplar hardwood is used in construction
  • Has multiple positioned
  • 5 years warranty
  • Easy assembling
  • No sharp corner
  • Expensive
  • Perfect in large space

Conclusion: So if you are looking for amazing furniture then go for queen size tri fold futon mattress. It is a perfect solution for students. Just add a god quality futon mattress for solid rest.

DHP Nadine metal futon frame:

Metal Futon FrameDHP Nadine metal futon frame is simple on style, but it is a big way to provide you comfort. This product features wooden arm and sturdy metal frame. Nadine futon is easily converted from sofa to sleeper. It adds stylish comfort for any room décor. It is a perfect way to save your money and give your guest high comfort. It is a great product with high quality.

Many customers are highly satisfied with the product. This futon frame holds eight inch futon mattress. Metal clips are also there prevents sliding and sagging.

  • Multi positioned
  • Metal frame
  • Quick conversion from sofa to bed
  • Smooth design
  • Wooden arms
  • Easy assembling
  • Only one year warranty
  • Should have to buy mattress separately


Choose from top 5 futon frames:

Futon frames are very helpful and considered as an amazing product. It is basically a versatile space saving furniture which acts like a bed and a sofa. The major advantage of a futon frame is that it is easily converted into sofa or a sleeper. It fulfils your sitting and sleeping comfort needs.

Another remarkable feature of futon is that you can easily dress it with the help of amazing cover that fits with your home décor. Futon frames are available in metal and wooden frames. Thus you can easily choose a best futon frame from the above list to enhance the look of your home.

Futon frames – remarkable styles:

Top choices of futon frames 2017 are here. This list is created with the help of vast research and analysis of customer reviews. Sometimes finding the best futon frame in the market can be hard. So this list of top five futon frames helps you a lot. There are so many choices available for you and makes easy for you to choose a best design that suits your needs.

Even if you do not prefer the futons over regular beds, one thing is for sure: once you purchase a futon, you will fall in love with it. You just have to compare the features of top futon frames in order to choose the best one. Hurry up! And buy a best futon frame from our top rated list.

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