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Futons can be considered as a beautiful living room sofa. The major purpose of this is to double the space as a bed and that can easily become a sofa in a small space. Futons usually come in two different frame styles like bi fold and tri fold. And both of them have its advantages. Furthermore a bi fold has its arms and a cushion. It has usually one fold with an amazing sliding mechanism.

On the other hand Tri fold futon is designed in a unique way that it can be folded three times. There are many futons available with exposed frames. Metal futons are little bit expensive than wooden futons. But wooden futons are constructed from high quality timber. Different varieties of wood are added in it that blends it nicely with other furniture.

Futons – best furniture choice:

Futons are basically made up of three major components that work in an amazing way to provide you high level comfort and rest. It also allows you to sleep comfortably during night. These components may include a frame, mattress and a cover. These all three components will also determine the cost of your futon. The comfort of the futon usually comes from its mattress. Thus they are ideal if you want to use the futon for sitting purpose or a bed.

Best Futon 2017:

Here is the list of best futon 2017:

Product nameMaterial TypeItem Weight 
DHP 8 inch encased
Micro Fiber57 pounds Check Price
Serta cypress double sided
Polyester Fibers114 pounds Check Price
Serta chestnut double sided
Foams55 pounds Check Price
Futon Furniture Traditional
Polyester Fibers14 pounds Check Price
EMOOR Japanese Traditional
Polyester Fibers12.5 pounds Check Price

DHP 8 inch encased coil premium futon mattress – Best Futon to buy in 2017

DHP 8 inch encased coil premium futon mattress

This product is considered as the top rated futon mattress in the market. DHP 8 inch encased coil premium futon mattress provides you the feel of luxurious mattress, as it consists of 522 individually wrapped coils. There are layers of polyester and foam of the both side of coils which is totally safe from any harmful or dangerous release. 8 inches height will provide you a supportive and comfortable mattress feel. It also works great when converted into sofa.

Additionally top is the micro fiber mattress cover and it also comes in full size. It can easily fits in any full size futon frame. It is very easy to clean and it also comes in a variety of different colors. This product also features that it holds it original shape for a long period, but it has a slight gassing smell.

  • Quality foam and polyester layering
  • Easily fits in any full sized futon frame
  • Provides you comfort and support
  • Pocket coils are available
  • Affordable
  • Mattress is made without any flame retardants
  • Certified foam is used
  • Product is dense for heavy customers
  • Slight smell

Conclusion: You might want to pick this product if you want a firm mattress. This product is very supportive and no sinking feels. Many customers are much satisfied with this product. Thus it is the best choice for your home.

Serta cypress double sided innerspring futon mattress:

Serta cypress double sided innerspring futon mattress is the production of Wolf Corporation. This product features a blend of cotton. This cotton further combines with the polyester fibers for a unique and durability. Serta cypress futon mattresses are more flexible and resilient. Yet this product is surprisingly light.

Cypress futon mattress features a four spring unit and there will be more of a bounce to this mattress. This spring unit is surrounded by foam pieces that provide body conforming support. The product is basically constructed with three layers of heavy weight cotton fiber and has a perfect blend of foam and polyester. Cypress futon mattress is covered in a khaki duck fabric. It can easily be compresses and rolled.

  • Lace tufted for ultimate comfort
  • Foam and fiber cover top
  • Amazing spring mechanism
  • Affordable
  • Layers of cottonique cushioning
  • Five years warranty
  • Medium support

Conclusion: Serta cypress double sided innerspring futon mattress is the perfect decision and it provides you durable support and extra comfort. From the comfortable couch to a bed this may be your favorite piece of furniture. Just make it your choice and enjoy ultimate comfort

Serta chestnut double sided cotton futon mattress :

Serta chestnut Serta chestnut double sided cotton futon mattress is a high quality foam and cotton futon. It features fiber pad which is surrounded by layers of cotton blend. It is basically eight inches thick and provides you firm support. Pure cotton cover is there and looks good. It will enhance the beauty of your home. This futon mattress is versatile as you can easily use it for sleeping or sitting purpose. Thus choosing this amazing and superb product is one of the wisest decisions. It is also available at a reasonable price.

The product is not only comfortable but it is also very soft. It also makes you feel relaxed. On the other hand this product is ideal for kids as it will lose its shape so fast. Whether you are sitting or sleeping this futon mattress will provide you all comfort which you need.

  • So comfortable
  • Available at affordable price
  • Bouncy, flexible
  • Outstanding quality
  • Bit thinner
  • Cover not included
  • Softness disappear with time

Conclusion: This is very unique product which has numerous amazing features. It has lace tufted to provide ultimate comfort. Thus it has incredible look and offers firm support. Hurry up and buy this amazing product to enjoy ultimate comfort level.

D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese

Futon furniture traditional Japanese The product is basically made up of cotton batting. D&D Japanese floor futon mattress is able to roll up easily so that you can keep it in a closet. This is constructed for an efficient use of living space. It is very easy to move. It has thickness of three inches. Furthermore it can also be used in multipurpose like picnic, massage and exercise. It is filled with white cotton and has a layer of polyester fiber. The product also features certified foam. Thus this is ideal product for sleeping on the floor.


Major features of Japanese floor futon:

Flame retardant, Pure cotton material, 100% pure polyester, Foldable cushions and Available in black color

  • Versatile and convenient
  • The product can be used for many other purposes
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Super comfortable
  • Can be folded easily
  • Some customers claim that mattress is too thin
  • Wavy surface
  • Sometimes cotton absorb moisture


Conclusion: D&D futon furniture Japanese floor futon mattress have number of advantages so many customers prefer to buy this product. This product is well rounded and a practical addition to the household. This can very useful when there many guests and they want to stay at night. Having this futon mattress this will help you to stay away from the problem of looking for additional beds. Thus it can be used for many other purposes. So don’t waste your time and buy this amazing product.

 Emoor Japanese traditional futon mattress

Emoor Japanese traditional futon mattress is very light weight. And that’s quite an advantage as the purpose of the futon mattresses is to carry around everywhere. Thus this mattress is not too thick and it is around three inches. It is much dense so that don’t have any worry about feeling the floor. Additionally it is little bit firm. It is much suitable for spreading over the bed mattress. It is not much expensive. No need to hesitate and buy this Emoor Japanese traditional futon mattress right now.

The major part about the futon mattress is how you sleep. If you have a comfortable futon then you can have a deeper sleep and you are well rested. This also increases your overall health. The product is stuffed with anti ticked and anti bacterial material. Furthermore 100% pure cotton fabric is used.  Many customers are much satisfied with this product as it provides maximum comfort. Japanese traditional futon mattress is also very flexible.

  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Affordable
  • Pure cotton fabric
  • Too thin
  • Can be too firm
This is an outstanding product that comes with a comforter and a pillow. Japanese traditional futon mattress is very durable and is suitable for other purposes. Thus it is an ideal choice for your home.

Futon – best for sleeping:

Futons are considered as a superb product for your home. You can enjoy better sleep during night. Furthermore you can also use it as a lounger. Futons don’t usually need large space. It works so well in small spaces. On the other hand you can easily fold futon mattresses after use. This product guarantees a restful sleep. Additionally futons are an economical choice for providing restful sleep. You can also have a sitting space in a stylish way.

Our top best Futon options:

Here is the list of our top rated five best futons 2017. So if you follow the above buying guidelines then you will face no problem in buying futons. You can also compare the features of multiple futons. This will give you a detailed view of how to compare the characteristics of best futons 2017.  Hence there are choices for you but the one you will choose will be perfect according to your requirements.


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