Best Mattress 2017 – Buyer’s Guide


A good night sleep is the most important component of a healthy lifestyle. A bed with the perfect support and comfort will ensure you restful sleep. Furthermore mattress plays a vital role in that. You wake up fresh in the morning. Many people prefer non turn mattresses. These types of mattresses just only need rotation. Filling is also an important thing while choosing a best mattress.

Medium firm mattresses:

You should be very careful before buying a mattress. It should not be so hard or firm. Mattresses with medium firmness help you to sleep well. These mattresses help in preventing and relieving back pain. Sometimes it provides you an entire support for the body.

Major features of a best mattress:

The most important thing in the bedroom is the mattress. So selection of best bed mattress is an important decision. People who are having problem in their back or spine, they should be very careful in making this decision. Additionally the height of the mattress must be 15 cm. And you should give preference on buying double sided mattress. A mattress with a high quality helps you to adjust your body.

Why quality of mattress is so important?

The average person will spend one third of his life around the bed. It is very important to choose a high quality mattress so that you can sleep well. We all know that the sleeping time can have a big impact on your waking life. Premium quality bed mattress can improve the quality of your sleep as compared to poor quality mattresses.

Best mattress 2017

These are our picks for the top 10 mattresses options:

Product nameMaterial TypeItem Weight 
Tuft and needle queen mattress

(Editor’s Choice)
Foam70 pounds Check Price
Zinus memory foam green tea mattress
Memory Foam67 pounds Check Price
Signature sleep contour 8 mattress:
Coil Spring Mattress42.9 pounds
Check Price
Lucid gel memory foam mattress
Gel Memory Foam55 pounds Check Price
Arctic dreams mattress
Memory Foam60 pounds Check Price
Brentwood home bamboo mattress
Made in USA
Gel Memory Foam53 pounds Check Price
Top spring mattress – ultimate comfort
Coil Spring Mattress86.9 pounds
Check Price
Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam63 pounds Check Price
Zinus memory foam 12 inch
Memory Foam76.7 pounds
Check Price
Twin crazy quilt - 7 inch tri-zone mattress:
Foam30.4 pounds Check Price

Tuft and needle queen mattress – Best Mattress to buy in 2017

Tuft and needle mattress is available in different size, colors and versions. This type of mattress is not too soft and not too hard. It is perfect choice for side and back sleepers. Furthermore this is a ten inch polyurethane foam mattress. And it is made in America. There is no memory foam and no coils. The top three inches of tuft and needle mattress is made of amazing formulation of pressure relieving foam. Thus it is called as “triple layer blended foam”.

Major properties:

This mattress has some major properties. The first and foremost thing is that it is a little bouncy. The foam is basically seven inches high and the surface is a blend of synthetic polyester. This mattress is simply amazing with no frills. You can buy this mattress at a reasonable price. You can enjoy comfort and perfect support. Tuft and needle mattress is not extremely firm, but noticeable to many sleepers. Many customers have an excellent sleeping experience. But it does not have all the luxury properties which a luxury mattress has.

  • Free trial
  • Return process is very simple
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for back sleepers and stomach sleepers
  • Little firmness
  • No box springs
Conclusion: These mattresses are not for a long term solution. You should pay attention to how it supports your back. Those who back sleepers, it may cause pressure on your joints.

Zinus memory foam green tea mattress

Green tea memory foam mattress is very amazing product as it provides you comfort and pressure relieving support. With the help of Zinus memory foam you can have a better night sleep. This mattress consists of different layers. It has three inches of memory foam and two inches of comfort foam. It is considered as a highest quality mattress. Additionally it has long term durability and performance. And this will help to keep your bed fresh.

Green tea mattress – perfect night sleep:

As we all know that sleep is very important for our better health. This mattress is a superb product to have a perfect good night sleep. It is thickest and softest mattress. Green tea mattress is of twelve inches and you feel fantastic balance and comfortable cushion supported by a foundation of airflow foam.

Basically it is made up of four separate layers of highest quality materials, which includes memory foam, comfort foam, air flow support foam and air flow base foam. Green tea extract is one of the major characteristic and it can have antifungal property. This will helps to clean the air around the mattress. All four layers are very helpful in providing better sleep. Memory foam is not only soft but it also helps in minimizes motion transfer. Comfort foam enhances the comfort of the mattress. Third layer helps in pulling heat away.

  • Perfect firmness for side and stomach sleepers
  • Heat regulation
  • Stays fresh for a long period of time
  • Provides you great support
  • Back sleepers find the bed too soft
  • No trial period
 Green tea mattress comes with memory foam that is very durable. Thus it does not contain any harmful chemicals and materials. You can enjoy fresh smell of green tea. Green tea extracts provides a pleasant smell and keeps your mattress fresh. All the layers are wrapped in a cover and add softness to the mattress.

Signature sleep contour 8 mattress

Signature sleep contour 8 mattressThis is an amazing type of mattress that provides you comfort according to the curves of your body. Your weight will be distributed equally and relieve pressure of your body. This mattress is designed in an amazing way that it provides you a good night sleep. No matter in which position you are sleeping. Signature sleep contour 8 mattresses are made with encased coils that reduce motion disturbance. So you can have an uninterrupted night sleep.

The mattress has 1.6 inch layer of foam at the top which enhance its comfort and quality level. You can have this mattress in different sizes which incorporates queen size, king size, full size and others. Signature sleep contour 8 mattresses incorporate a soft breathable fabric mattress cover. It also works on multiple surfaces like day beds, platform beds, spring beds and others.

Features of signature sleep contour 8 mattresses:

It is a coil spring mattress that is designed by using spring technology and top quality foam. These coils are wrapped individually and have steel springs which adjust your body. It is a medium firm mattress and best for all types of sleepers.  It also helps you to stay away from night sweating. Following are the major features of signature sleep mattress : 

  • Individually wrapped- pocket coils
  • Polyester layering between cover and coils
  • Release pressure points along your neck, back and shoulders

  • Reasonable price
  • Outstanding motion isolation
  • Lifetime durability

  • Only one year warranty
  • Slight smell
Conclusion: You should not hesitate to choose signature sleep contour 8 mattresses if you are seeking for maximum comfort and support. You can easily adjust your angle without any difficulty. It also disperses off the heat built up that often causes disturbances while sleeping. As a result you can have a sound sleep during night.

Lucid gel memory foam mattress

Lucid gel memory foam mattressLucid 10 inch gel memory foam mattress is one of the best innovations. It is of superior quality and considered as a strong mattress. You will definitely become happy after making long term investment. And when you have a good night sleep you will become more healthy and energetic. Thus it plays an important role in making your sleep restful. It is one of the amazing mattress in which you can feel the difference and fall asleep very fast. And you wake up refreshed.

This mattress is designed with heat capturing gel material. The upper memory foam layer is designed to stop heat buildup. Microscopic gel beads are there to capture heat and regulate temperature when you sleep. The base layer of memory foam helps to improve airflow. Additionally there is soft breathable cover. This mattress is independently tested for the safety of the materials.

What features make it noticeable?

Gel memory foam mattress is designed by using open cell technology. It is a hypoallergenic mattress and offers natural resistance to dust particles. This is a perfect choice for people who are suffering from asthma. It has the ability to adjust your body weight. It is constructed in a unique way so it is very durable. The most remarkable feature is that it does not change its shape. With the help of this mattress you will stay away from neck and shoulder pain. Lucid memory foam mattress offers a correct posture that relieves pressure points.

  • It does not contain any air pollutants
  • Regulation of temperature with the help of airflow
  • Supportive surface is very soft and luxurious
  • You will stay away from pains, very comfortable
  • Price is affordable
  • Body weight is equally distributed
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Heavy
Conclusion: Lucid memory foam mattress is best in quality and functionality. It has eco friendly design which makes it one of the top choices. You can enjoy superior support and it is suitable for people of all ages. People who are suffering from lower back pain will surely love this mattress.

Arctic dreams mattress

Arctic dreams mattressArctic dreams mattress is designed with the help of advanced technology. Visco elastic foam is used in construction which is called Energex. It provides a new energetic substitute to conventional memory foam. Numerous consumers are seeking a substitute of springs and found an arctic dreams mattress. This amazing foam is very cool and comfortable. It features three inches of energex gel foam and on the top of this gel there is polyurethane foam. All this is covered with super soft quilting layer. And you can have a perfect combination of comfort and support.

Dream bedding arctic dreams mattress is an amazing all round mattress that provides you a soft night sleep. You can enjoy additional cooling comfort. On the other hand this is not perfect for side sleepers. This mattress is basically made of latex rubber. This is a natural material and it is best for sleeping. Top layer helps to relieve the pressure. Middle layer provides cooling and overall good support. And bottom layer act as a foundational base.


  • Perfect for back sleepers
  • It reduces body pains
  • Anti bacterial, anti dust mite
  • Energex memory foam is more elastic
  • Medium firmness

  • No warranty
Conclusion: If you are seeking for brilliant support and comfort at a reasonable price then arctic dreams mattress is best for you. It is the perfect combination of softness and structure. Furthermore it is highly breathable and remains cool throughout the night. Lastly it is not expensive, so you can easily afford that.

Brentwood home bamboo mattress

Brentwood home bamboo mattressBrentwood home bamboo mattress is a symbol of excellence and is considered as one of the trusted mattresses. It is made from a combination of high quality materials, which includes wool and gel memory foam. This mattress is designed to offer superb support, reduces pain and remains cool throughout the night. Bamboo gel memory foam mattress is made up of three layers. All three layers are combined to form a mattress of thirteen inches.

This mattress is excellent for body shaping. The upper layer helps the sleeper to stay cool during night. The combination of these layers helps to promote airflow. On the other hand wool surface helps you to stay away from moisture and regulates sleep temperature.

Benefits of using bamboo mattress:

Here are some benefits of using this mattress:

Provides you comfort:

With the help of this mattress you will definitely have no pain in back and shoulder. You can enjoy high level comfort during night.

Control body temperature:

Furthermore it helps to control your body temperature. You will surely stay away from sweating.

Very easy:

The whole mattress is covered in a bamboo fabric, so that you can easily remove and wash.

  • Superb support
  • Removable cover
  • Relief pressure points
  • Ensures breathability and cooling
  • Eco friendly
  • Affordable

  • Too soft for stomach sleepers

Conclusion : If you are seeking for a luxurious mattress, then you should go for that. It keeps the temperature stable. Additionally it has number of benefits that you will definitely appreciate. Thus you can have a restful sleep during night.

Top spring mattress – ultimate comfort

Top spring mattress – ultimate comfortYou should never compromise on the quality of your sleep. When you have a restful sleep, you will definitely stay away from tension and pains. It also reduces stress and increases your productivity. To have comfort and perfect support you should choose Euro box top spring mattress. It has long time durability.

Spring mattresses are perfect for stomach and back sleepers who usually need firm support. Each spring is covered by a memory foam cell which keeps the spring from bending into each other. This is basically an innerspring mattress and equipped with high quality foam. Fabric quilted cover is used to add more comfort.

Product specifications:
  • The mattress is made up of high quality material and pocketed spring system.
  • There are several different layers for perfect support.
  • A combination of springs and high density foam makes the product different.
  • The mattress has been tested for its durability and performance.
  • You can enjoy soothing sleeping environment
  • Perfect for all bed frames
  • Relives you from chronic pain, reduces back pain
  • Strong smell
  • Hold heat
  • No trial period
Conclusion:It is a medium firmness mattress and is designed in an amazing way to offer pressure relief. Furthermore it is a great choice for those who are seeking for firm support. And it is also at a reasonable price. Don’t waste your time and buy a top spring mattress for a good night sleep.

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam MattressEight inches memory foam mattress provides you a wonderful sleeping surface. Somewhat it is firm, but when you lay it reacts according to the temperature of your body. Then it begins to mold itself according to your body type. Furthermore weight is equally distributed and helps you to sleep more without turning. You can feel that you are floating on a cloud. You can have a deeper sleep without any disturbances.

Memory foam mattress consists of different layers. The upper layer is of two inches and then there is a two inches of ventilated foam. Afterwards high density base is of four inches. The addition of ventilated foam is outstanding and liked by many people. Different memory foam mattresses with green tea and castor oil reduce unpleasant smell. It also eliminates the growth of bacteria.

Remarkable features:

Memory foam mattresses have a lot of benefits and it ensures you that you have a refreshing sleep. There is a special pressure relief system that makes the mattress flexible to all body parts. This mattress features multi layer technology, so that you can sleep well during night. It comes with a warranty which is very beneficial. Thus eight inch memory foam mattress is considered as an ideal mattress for use.

  • Best for neck and back pain
  • Durability
  • All three layers ensures you comfort and support
  • Ventilated foam helps in providing cooling effect
  • Removable, washable
  • Heat preservation
  • Some people find it thin
  • Unpleasant smell
Conclusion: If you are looking for a new mattress then go ahead and buy it right now. This mattress provides you with a superior comfort. There are no issues regarding to breathability. So you can have numerous benefits at an affordable price and it is perfect for budget conscious people.

Zinus memory foam 12 inch – cloud like mattress

Zinus memory foam 12 inch – cloud like mattress:Zinus mattresses are made up of three amazing layers. This will helps you to provide a sound sleep. It reduces the back pain. It adjusts according to the shape of sleeper’s body. Many consumers explain their experiences with the word like “cloud”. And they found this mattress much supportive and luxurious.

Enjoy comfort dreams:

This is a special type of memory foam which adjusts according to the overall body composition. So with the help of this outclass mattress you can sleep well and enjoy comfort dreams.

  • Low price
  • No smell
  • Gel infusion foam
  • Not good support for bulky sleepers
Conclusion: This is an amazing product by Zinus mattresses. It includes a quilted cover and you feel so comfortable. There is a unique combination of layers that give you a cloud like feeling. It enhances the look of your room. Thus an excellent layering system provides you a customized and highest comfort sleep.

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy Quilt with 7-Inch TriZone Mattress

full crazy quilt - 7 inch tri-zone mattress7 inch tri – zone mattress is the perfect choice for every type of sleeper. It basically provides you firm support, relief pressure points along your neck and shoulder. This amazing product is available as twin full and queen size. Dream foam bedding Ultimate dreams seven inch tri – zone mattress is perfect. You can have this mattress on bunk beds and trundle beds. Tri – zone core is basically of 6.25 inches and it is made up of polyurethane foam. Furthermore a quilted cover is over that. With the help of this mattress you can easily give your child a more peaceful sleep.

Features of crazy quilt mattress:

Following are the major features of this mattress that make it an outstanding option in our list of top 10 mattresses:

Pure memory foam:

This mattress comprises of pure memory foam and is one of the great mattress options for kids.

Firm support:

It has firm support and is comfortable for back and side sleepers. Tri zone construction is responsible for superior support level.

Quilted cover:

Quilted cover of this mattress gives enhanced comfort in the form of cooling for a relaxed and comfortable sleep.


  • Eco friendly latex
  • Three main body parts get all the required comfort
  • Perfect for children bed
  • Free from smell
  • Best for asthma patients

  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for adults
  • Mattress is too thin for adults
Conclusion: If you are seeking for comfortable and supportive mattress for your children then twin crazy quilt seven inch tri – zone mattress is the right choice for your child’s bed. It will fit in any twin sized frame. Tri – zone technology is very amazing as it evenly distributes the body weight. Additionally this mattress comes with a warranty.

Choosing from Best top 10 mattresses:

A mattress with high quality should be on the top of the list, when someone is going to purchase a mattress. As it is very important in our lives as it also improve life’s quality. You should be sure that you are making one of the best investments. The most important thing is that mattress needs to be comfortable enough, so that you can a sound sleep.

Choose mattresses with high density foam:

When you are making a decision for buyer a mattress, high density foam are perfect and provides you with high level of satisfaction. You can also stay away from back and shoulder pains. On the other hand mattresses with low density foam are typically cheaper. Heavier people prefer high density foam mattresses.

Good night sleep is one of the key elements for a healthy wealthy life. And also provides you with higher level of happiness. Only few people are willing to spend good amount on a good mattress. The major problem is that you can have many choices, and you have to identify the best mattress which is confusing process.

Our top choices:

So our top choices for the best mattresses are here and stem from broad research. This is combined with the analysis of various customer reviews. As written above, all the mattresses stand out in various aspects. You can easily choose from our top rated list, and you just need to be sure that fits your needs and requirements.


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