Best Pillow 2017 – Buyer’s Guide


There are a lot of factors which you should consider while choosing a right best pillow. Everybody wants to buy a good and comfortable pillow. Thus you should be careful about the neck support and long term durability. It provides a support to head and neck when you are having a sleep.

Getting the right pillow

If you are using a right pillow it will prevent you from the neck and back pain. On the other hand many people like to use soft pillows, so for this purpose filling plays an important role.  Right pillows can not only have direct impact on the quality of our sleep, but it also has an impact on how we rest.

List of top 10 best pillows

The right pillow totally depends on which kind on sleeper you are. The major aim is to keep your head in line with your spine so that you will not feel restless. If you are confused which pillow you should invest in, check out our list of top 10 pillows.

Kinds of sleeping postures

Additionally if the person is using the wrong pillow then he or she may suffer from headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain. There are different ways of sleeping. If you are a back sleeper then you should need thinner pillows. In this way your head will rest properly. Additionally if you are a side sleeper then you should go for a firm pillow. And if you are a stomach sleeper then look for a flat pillow.

Best Pillows 2017:

Here is a list of best pillows from the market, and check out who made it to our list of top 10 best pillows:

Product name
Material TypeItem Weight 
Coop Home Goods - PREMIUM Adjustable Loft
Bamboo-Derived Rayon3.9 pounds Check Price
Bamboo-Derived Rayon3.5 pounds Check Price
Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow
Cotton1.9 pounds
Check Price
Smart Home Bedding

Polyester Fiber3.5 pounds Check Price
My Pillow Classic
Cotton1.8 pounds Check Price
BioPEDIC Ultra-Fresh
Cotton6 pounds Check Price
Sleep Restoration Gel Pillows
Gel6.3 pounds Check Price
BioPedic Eco-Classic
Cotton6.5 pounds Check Price
Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow
Gel8.3 pounds Check Price
Gusseted Quilted Pillow (Queen, 2 Pack)
-4 pounds Check Price

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: – Best Pillow to buy in 2017

Coop Home Goods PillowWhen you are going to choose a right pillow for yourself, then you can feel a difference between great night sleep and getting up tired or irritable. Shredded memory foam pillows are among the most popular pillows. They provide you comfort. It not only uses the best material for the inner core but also has a smooth and luxurious cover outside. This product has so many good aspects as it has a reasonable price and high-quality features. It is considered as a great product for side sleepers. Shredded memory foam pillow is thick and hard. It will not flatten throughout the night.

It is very important to keep your neck in line with the back during the night. This pillow provides you assurance that your neck is held in soft luxurious comfort which is required to match your spine. Thus you wake up feeling excellent. This product is an outstanding sleep assistance material. You need not to get up and reposition your pillow. Additionally, Air can move freely through it as well.

Perfect Support For People Of All Ages:

This product is perfect for people of all ages. You can enjoy an extra sleep and feel comfortable. However, it is best for everybody, young and old people. It helps you to stay away from illness and you can get a much better night sleep. It has a polyester blend cover. It has a feature of dust mite resistant. Coop home product also uses air flow technology to keep the pillow cool and comfortable. The shredded foam helps to let the air through every area so that no heat is produced throughout the night. There is a lot of air flow as compared to normal memory foam. It helps you to breathe properly.   

  • It is adjustable for ideal comfort
  • High quality shredded foam
  • Retains its shape
  • Retains a comfortable cooling temperature
  • This product is very helpful for allergy sufferers
  • Sometimes it gives off a strong smell

Conclusion: So these are the best pillows available in the market. The major benefit of using a shredded foam pillow is quality and technology that is used in making it. And number of customers is satisfied by this product.

Snuggle-Pedic Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow:

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo PillowChoosing a right pillow is one of the main parts of having a perfect sleeping environment. Luxury bamboo shredded memory foam pillow provides you a convenient place to rest your head. It also helps to support your shoulders. This is very helpful for side sleepers. As they provides a firm support that molds according to the curves of your spine. There are several key points which you should kept in mind when looking at memory foam pillow. These pillows are too good for side sleepers.

Main features:
  • Heavy air flow and breathable material inside
  • Friendly fabric and foam
  • Best for all sleep positions
  • Warranty available

Memory foam pillows are made from blend of bamboo and polyester. It contains micro-vents that allow easy circulation. This feature also helps to cut down body heat buildup. On the other hand bamboo has amazing absorption properties. Thus moisture and sweating doesn’t cause any bacteria. These pillows are very soft and comfortable. The combination of bamboo and polyester is one of the strongest materials which you can find in memory foam pillows.

  • Long lasting
  • Easily washable
  • Cool and comfortable sleep
  • Best ventilation in a pillow
  • Extra firmness
  • Too thick

Conclusion: Snuggle-pedic queen size memory size pillow provides an outstanding support for side sleepers. These pillows are too good for pregnant women. You can definitely have a restful night’s sleep. These pillows are affordable. So don’t waste your time and have a memory foam pillow so that you can have a comfortable sleep.

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow :

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

There are different types of pain that makes you feel worse when sleeping in the wrong position.  On the other hand these pains are caused by not having a good support. People who are suffering from neck and back pain need to be very careful about the pillow selection. The right pillow helps to keep you right while sleeping. Otherwise wrong pillow can cause serious pains. Mediflow original waterbase pillows provide you a great support and allow you to adjust it to right level of firmness. Thus you can sleep soundly and wake up pain free. It doesn’t matter in what position you prefer to sleep.

There are many pillows available but this is one of the best pillows. The way you sleep will have a deep effect on how you feel. If you want to achieve the best night sleep then these pillows are the best to have comfort. Additionally these pillows have a water chamber internally. This helps you to get the height which you wants to have.

Some major features of Mediflow original waterbase pillow:
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Washable and dryable
  • Extra large and entirely supportable
  • No harmful material inside

These pillows are solid and firm. Other pillows are too good at first but usually end up by losing its shape. But these pillows retain its shape. The water chamber is covered by a wide layer of 100 percent polyester filling. This gives a pillow a fluffy look. And it also offers a flexible movement and adjustable height.

  • 100 percent pure cotton inside
  • Very flexible
  • Stays cool all night
  • Plenty of surface space so that side sleepers can easily accommodate
  • These pillows are somewhat heavy

Conclusion: Consumers have a great experience by using this pillow. You can wake up feeling refreshed. This is considered as a fantastic pillow with a reasonable price. Water base pillows are very easy to use and also come with a warranty.

Smart Home Bedding
– Best Value Pillow to buy in 2017

Smart Home Bedding PillowPlush pillows are considered as the luxurious ones. They are fiber filled pillows at a reasonable price. With the help of these amazing pillows you can give your bedroom a royal and stylish look. The set of two pillows with soft fiber filling are perfect for allergy sufferers. The outer cover is made up of poly mercerized cotton. This can help you to have a comfortable sleep in any position. As we all know that finding a right pillow is somehow tricky but Super plush pillow is suitable for every type of person.

They are machine washable but it is best to use cool water. The greatest thing about these pillows is that they can maintain their fluffiness after washing. These pillows will work absolutely well for any size of mattress. Many side sleepers are also satisfied with plush pillows. On the other hand they never go flat and stay supportive throughout the night. Plus pillows will maintain its shape after sleeping.

Super Plush Pillows – An Amazing Product:

These best pillows are also very helpful in allergies and are also dust mite resistant. The pillows came in a compressed form. And when you open the covering they will come in their original shape. If you prefer to use a soft pillow then you should go for that.

  • Hypo allergic – ideal for people who are suffering from allergies
  • Fluffy
  • Fully comfortable
  • You have to wait for expansion of pillows

Conclusion:  These pillows are soft and light. They are available in highest quality with no strange smell. These pillows also help to reduce the stress and you can sleep better. They are very important product in our daily life which can help to go into nice dreams.

My Pillow Classic – 

My Classic PillowWith the help of these pillows, you can prepare yourself for a wonderful night of sleep. These pillows are designed in such a way that they keep your nerves and spine in a comfortable manner. Furthermore this will provide you with deeper sleep so you wake up refreshing. Classic series bed pillows are fully washable and dryable. This will remain its shape after washing. This product creates a custom fit and molds your body. Thus it became very simple to find a comfortable position. You can also relax you cervical nerves of your neck. It also helps to increase your blood flow and also reduce the discomfort while sleeping.

Benefits Of Using This Pillow:

These pillows are amazing. Classic series medium firmness pillows are best pillows and there are numerous benefits of using these pillows. There is no head sweating by using these pillows. You cannot suffer through neck and head pain.  These pillows are light weight and comfortable. The inner filling is so superb so that you cannot face any difficulty in sleeping, as it provides an ultimate support to your neck and back. It stays cool through the night due to its built in cooling effect. It is also non-allergenic.

  • If the pillow is washed to activate the foam, it prevents pain and you can have a sound sleep
  • It is best for back and side sleepers.
  • Sometimes foam forms a gap and it becomes lumpy

Conclusion: These are the best pillows as it supports high quality and comfort. As comfort is a significant factor so this pillow helps you to have a sound sleep. People who used to sleep on their sides, needs a lot of support. Thus this pillow is also beneficial for side sleepers.


BioPEDIC Ultra-Fresh Anti-Odor Standard size Pillow, Set of 4 – Best Cheap Pillow to buy in 2017

BioPEDIC Ultra-Fresh Anti-Odor Standard size Pillow

Ultra fresh pillows are designed to ensure style needs of individual customers. In this way they can sleep well throughout the night. Furthermore inner filling is totally amazing. 100 percent natural cotton with ultra-fresh treated polyester fiber is filled inside. With the help of this polyester it can easily reduce the smell and stain causing bacteria. The standard size of this amazing pillow is of 20 to 26 inches. As everyone has different sleep styles so it is perfect for every person. These pillows are fluffy and have a pleasant smell.

Numerous Features Of Anti Odor Pillow:

People who used to snooze really need a very comfortable pillow. It reduces the pressure on your neck and head when you are sleeping in some unnatural side positions. There are multiple features of ultra-fresh anti odor pillow. It has outer thin layer of foam. You can feel luxurious and enjoy the pleasant smell. It also features the dual comfort technology and offers multiple level of support for multi position sleepers. It has a traditional shape which enhances the look of your room. The inside filling is combine to maximize the softness and comfort.

  • It is very comfortable.
  • It also happens to be washable.
  • It reduces the neck pain.
  • It only offers medium firmness.

Conclusion: These are the best pillows and are very essential for a sound sleep. It is amazing one with pure cotton filling. The pillow comes to its original when you wake up. So it is the best pillow you could ever find.


Sleep Restoration Gel Pillows

Sleep Restoration Gel PillowsSleep restoration gel filled pillows uses a special technique to ensure you maximum comfort in all sleeping positions. The most amazing thing is that it uses a super plush gel fiber. On the other hand these pillows are a great place where you can rest your head. Sleep restoration gel pillows are stylish, super cool and extremely comfortable. The product features dust mite and mold resistant. Furthermore they are entirely allergen and chemical free. These are the best pillows and the perfect choice for people who are suffering from asthma and other respiratory issues. So please don’t wait and purchase restoration gel pillows now.

These pillows are the perfect combination of foam and cooling gel. The foam is used according to the requirements of the customers. Memory foam is a surrounding on a pad of cool gel material. With the help of this cooling gel it gives you a cooling sensation while you sleep. You don’t need to flip your pillow to find a cooling side. According to the temperature and pressure these pillows have the quality to mold according to the shape. So that it provides a perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders. It is very easy to clean these pillows as they have a zip off cover. The outer cover of pillow is breathable.

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillows – Best Pillows:

These are the best pillows and are perfectly supportive. Best pillows can truly change according to your body type. Sleep restoration gel pillows are packed with fluffy material. Gel is inserted in the pillow to keep you cool. This type of pillow is somehow expensive.

  • This is much softer type of pillow which is designed in an amazing way.
  • It provides an excellent neck support
  • Gel usually stays cool throughout the night.
  • It is one of the few pillow designs that is hypoallergenic. Thus you don’t need to face breathing problem.
  • This is low for side sleepers
  • Only comes in standard size

Conclusion: Thus these are considered as amazing pillows due to gel filling technique. These pillows are very supportive and remarkable as the gel is filled inside and outside for maximum cooling. These pillows are not like the fiber filled pillows. Gel pillows are much cooler overall.


BioPedic Eco-Classic 240-Thread Count Standard Pillows, 4-Pack

BioPedic Eco-Classic PillowThese pillows are the natural product variety and are designed in a special way. Eco- fabric is used to improve the comfort level. Thread count standard pillows are covered with woven stripe design. Edges of the pillow are double stitched. Additionally these pillows are filled with superior recycled fiber. These standard pillows are of 20 to 26 inches.

Comfort is a significant factor which person wants to achieve and it is a big part of the quality of best pillows. Thread count standard pillows are light weight and are best for all sleeping positions. You can make your bedroom royal with the help of these luxurious pillows. Thus these pillows give an extremely soft and comfortable feel. As outclass material is used in a pillow that’s why they are durable.


These pillows can maintain its shape. These pillows dries very fast as thin fabric is used. These are the best pillows which reduces aches, neck issues and back issues. These provide a comfortable support and are very beneficial. Side sleepers can also use these pillows. Following are some of the features:

  • These are available at affordable price
  • These are reversible pillows
  • It has the stain resistant quality
  • Entirely reasonable
  • Outclass material is filled inside
  • Comes in a pack of four

Conclusion: These pillows seem to be best pillows so far. They are best to fill the distance between the head and a mattress. They don’t have any smell. They are nice and soft. Hurry up and buy these pair of pillows.


Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow – (2 Pack King)

Sleep Restoration Gel PillowSuper plush material is used in sleep restoration gel pillows. With the help of no shift construction these pillows are the superb place to rest your head. These pillows are very stylish and luxurious. You will fall asleep very fast. Furthermore these pillows have a quality of molding. They are dust mite and stain resistant. You will also stay away from respiratory issues. Gel pillows are easily washable and also feel like new. Many customers are fully satisfied with the quality of gel pillows. They provide you assurance to sleep well.

These pillows are available at an affordable price. They are of supreme quality. They not only give your bed room a luxurious but they also provide you comfort. They come in a set of two pillows. The outer cover is made up of cotton. They are the best pillows.

  • They are available at reasonable price
  • They are supportive and deep soft inside
  • Super cool
  • They are not available in a very large size

Conclusion: Gel pillows are very amazing. They come in a pack of two. The inner filling which is gel fiber sounds like a liquid. Thus you can have a comfortable night and wake up fresh.

Gusseted Quilted Pillow (Queen, 2 Pack)

Gusseted Quilted PillowGusseted quilted pillows help to give your bedroom an elegant and luxurious look. Premium quality material is used so that they have a durable life. They come in a pack of two with a blue piping. Double stitching helps to give a posh look and are long lasting. They are available in size of 18 * 36 inches. It is considered as a superior quality product and ensures a long night sleep. Thus you can sleep well without any interruption. These pillows must be dry-cleaned and are 100% free from harmful substances.

Gusseted quilted pillows provide you with a heavenly and delightful sleeping experience. These pillows are filled by the top quality material and help you to give a cozy feel. Furthermore, you can enjoy a relaxing sleep. They are breathable and easily be molded in any way. These pillows have a two inch quilted gusset edge and a durable form. Whether you are a side sleeper, front sleeper, or a back sleeper quilted pillows provides the perfect comfort level. Thus these pillows are very carefully designed.

  • Dry clean for best results
  • Superior material is used
  • Fluffy pillows
  • You need to purchase a pack of two.

Conclusion: With the help of these pillows you can enjoy a restful sleep. They are designed in a special way. And you can use these pillows in any position.

Choosing from top 10 Best Pillows:

Choosing the right pillow that suits your needs and requirements ensures good quality sleep. So, if you want to get sound sleep that will result in a fulfilling day ahead, then pay heed to the type of pillow you purchase. Make a wise investment for your peaceful sleep and do not go after price only.

Buy pillow according to your habit:

Different people have different sleep positions and patterns. Based on their sleeping positions, different people require separate kind of pillows. Stomach sleepers, who sleep upside down, should opt for a soft pillow. On the other hand, the ones who sleep on their back should opt for pillows that have medium thickness. The ones who sleep on their side (either left or right) should buy firm pillows that will give all the required support to their neck as well as their back.

If you want proper sleep, you should invest in a good pillow. Also, you should understand that if you do not sleep on a proper pillow you will have headaches and pain in your body. If you do not want a restless day in front of you, buy one of the pillows mentioned above.

Our list of Best Pillow 2017:

We have conducted thorough market research to make a list of top 10 best pillows. You can rely on our list and choose any of these pillows for best results. These are the best pillows based on investment, comfort and durability.

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